In late 2016, the NeighborHerd™ became an Approved Vendor to Aramark, the big institutional food service provider, allowing us to sell our meats to any school districts contracting with Aramark.  As it happens, a majority of the school districts in our footprint work with Aramark.  Since February of 2017, we have been able to provide over 1,700 pounds of our natural pastured grass-fed ground beef to the Yorktown Central School District’s lunch program through Aramark.


Peter Pratt's Inn

  The historic Peter Pratt's Inn in Yorktown, NY continues to use our beef in their wonderful Bolognese, as well as hosting our annual parties featuring numerous courses of our NeighborHerd™ beef.  Chef and owner, Jon Pratt was, and remains an early and enthusiastic supporter of the changes we are trying to introduce into the quality of food in our schools and community. His participation has been an immense factor in enabling us to get this far.


Northern Westchester Community Center’s Food Pantry

  We have also been fortunate to develop a solid association with the Northern Westchester Community Center’s Food Bank in Katonah, NY.  Since September of 2016, we have sold over 1,600 pounds of our grass-fed ground beef to them at a discounted price, enabling this well-regarded organization to bring our clean, chemical-free food to many of those in need in our area.


Pound Ridge Organics

  Since the end of 2017, the NeighborHerd™ has been providing our grass-fed products to Donna Simons’ Pound Ridge Organics co-op for sale.  Donna and her discerning members have been extremely receptive to our meat and our mission, allowing us to further expand our production and our herd.

What's next for the neighborherd

     In October 2019, the NeighborHerd™ will begin offering pastured heritage pork to our customers as well.  We have initiated a breeding program using mainly Tamworth and Old Spot pigs for their ability to forage on our pastures and under our 100+ year old apple and pear trees. We finish our pigs on a section of the farm loaded with white oak trees so the pigs can gorge on the acorns. 

    We have increased the size of our cattle herd with the addition of some Hereford steers and are planning to begin offering our natural ground beef to another school district’s school lunch program, hopefully starting in 2020. Once that gets established, we’ll start discussions with a few more local districts to see if we can work with them as well.

    We expect to purchase some Black Angus breeding stock to allow us to produce our own calves on our Stuyvesant farm. Although this is more work on our side, it brings down the costs and helps the NeighborHerd™ grow. We have also begun raising some dairy-breed steer calves from a neighboring dairy farm and they seem quite happy on our pastures.